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What makes connecting rods different?


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Connecting Rods 

Specializing in Automotive Engine Machine Work


Barnette's Engines has been in the automotive business since the early 1990s. We strive to bring quality products to the automotive rebuilding industry by performing all of our engine machine work in-house.  Barnette's Engines is located on the East Coast in Chesapeake, VA. We ship our product nationwide and as always...for FREE! 

International shipping is also available for a nominal fee.

When building an engine, often times the connecting rods might need to be replaced or machined. BRE sells replacement stock connecting rods that meet OEM specifications.


The connecting rods are machined back to life using Sunnen Rod reconditioning equipment. A Sunnen heavy duty cap  cutter to start,  and a Sunnen precision rod honing machine to resize the rod bore and piston pins. 


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About us

Connecting Rod


Cracked/Broken Cap

​The mating surface between the cap and rod is rough and jagged

Tapered Pin

​The pin end of the connecting rod tapers from large to small

Straight Pin

​Connecting rod has a uniformed

shaped pin end

Press Pin

​Pistons are pressed off and the rod

is heated to reinstall the piston

Floating Pin

​The pistons are held on with a clip. The connecting rod has a bushing

Machined Cap

​Connecting rod is machined smoothly at the mating surface between the cap and rod

Forged Rod

Connecting rod has a thick forging line running down the side of the beam

Powdered Metal Rod

Connecting rod is made from powdered metal and has a smooth finish

tapered pin.jpg


Limited Warranty:

BRE Connecting Rods guarantees its products to be free from defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 90 days from the date the product is recieved. BRE will furnish, without charge, a replacement rod when the defective rod is returned.


IMPROPER installation, lack of lubrication, deterioration or wear caused by the presence of abrasive materials DOES NOT CONSTITUTE DEFECTIVE PARTS.


It is the responsibility of the installer to check for proper pin fit and rod bearing to crankshaft clearance. Make sure the rod you receive matches the one you are replacing. There will be no compensation of consequential or any other related expenses incurred. This warranty is limited to the REPLACEMENT of any rod sold by BRE.





BRE Connecting Rods

1332 Truxton Street

Chesapeake, VA 23324

Tel:  877-625-6878



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